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I hate cords, or anything peripheral that I need to bring along to accomplish a task. One thing I have seen people struggle with is the vast amounts of photos they accumulate on their smart phones. Aside of cloud storage, which is limited unless you pay for more useful amounts, an App I have used now for years works great.


It's called WiFi Transfer and is a wireless way to move anything to or from your smart phones. I use it to move large batches of photos to my computers, movies or videos to my Iphone, music, or whatever. 


How this works: Both devices (Iphones, computers, whatever, simply need to be on the same network) (This can be home LAN, or public WiFi) You have the App on your Phone, and simply open it, type the address it gives you into the other device, select the files you will move and it all moves, very fast. This can also be used, for example to get photos, movies, etc. from another smart phone with the app to another (from friend, for example). All wirelessly, no emails, or clouds involved.


It's $2.99 at the App Store (just go to App Store and search WiFi Transfer). The software for a computer is free.

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