Questions On Macro Useage In Chief?


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There seems to be a great deal of confusion on the use of macros in Chief. Most over complicate.


To help clear up the 'fog", i'm going to offer a free one-on-one, one hour gotomeeting session for those interested to answer any questions as to:


How macros work in chief?

What are there scope and limits?

What is possible and practical?

The difference between ruby macros and Chief's name/value pairs (Global)?


How to approach a problem and what resources are necessary?


I will not write or troubleshoot your macros but will advise as to what is practical and the steps necessary to acomplish something.


If interested e-mail me at:


to set up a time . If we can get together I'll e-mail back a gotomeeting invitation for that hour. You will need a microphone to ask questions and the gotomeeting app.


This is only for a limited time.

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