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Hello guys and gals,

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what is happening during my ray traces.

I hid a wall to get this view and once i started the ray trace, i noticed a weird pattern on my Washer/Dryer.

Has anyone ran into this while ray tracing?

I have tried changing the material but it keeps giving me the same effect in the same two areas. 



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Oly, (don't know your name)

I have spent quite some time on this, and I'm still at a loss. I thought, initially this might be lighting or material related and made a number of changes, with same results. I put the dryer outside, same results, so this is something in the plan, and not program related. I see this z-fighting, if that is what this is, in other locations/materials too. A variety of camera views shows this as well. I changed the sun angles and didn't help on floor overviews. This seems like what I see in a very dark room (little or no light) but not the case in floor overview where this is still happening.

There are some really smart folks on this forum, and hopefully one will come along and figure this out. I'm as curious as anyone right now.



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I write this to hopefully help others, who might experience same issue, and not as a knock in anyway to you. I did this early on in my CA learning curve to a much lesser extent.


As it looked like z-fighting to me, I have learned that this can be caused by generally just four things..


1) Two objects in same space. (checked this and not your case).

2) Too thin a material. (can't really be the case here,  with objects that were fighting, but you will see this on roof tiles and siding sometimes. If you do, simply change the material thickness to like 1/4" or something and it will fix usually)

3) Too large a terrain perimeter (not bad in your case)

4) Too far from origin. Bingo, we have a winner. See below shots, but in the all on (lower floor) you have some type of site plan a few MILES east (to the right) from the actual house and terrain perimeter, but that was not the really issue. The real issue was that you were, holy cow...... 10.5 MILES, yes miles, from the origin. That's way out of the range of this program, even if the plan was to build a subdivision. (see photos attached) 


Lessons here. Start your plans at the origin. Tommy Blair taught me years ago to set a few walls in an "L" arrangement, about 6 feet long is fine, right at the origin (0,0). Now save as your template plan and you will always start right there, as walls are usually the first thing we do.  


Although it is not unusual for AutoCAD folks to have things all over the space, does not work here. The site plan way out to the east, need not be there. Should be a layer. If you are first floor, all on plan, click the zoom extents to see what might be hidden out there. If anything is outside your terrain perimeter, find and get rid of it.


Oly (and please add your name to your signature, with version you are using) here' how to fix your issue.


Once above is done, Click Edit > Edit Area > Edit Area All Floors. Draw a marquee around entire plan with perimeter.


Next Click Transform Replicate Tool

Click Move

Make Sure Absolute Location Radio is selected

Make X and Y (0, 0)


This can be messy at times, so save a copy before you start.


See photo attached. The tiny little black dot top left is the entire contents inside the perimeter. The "X" is the origin 10.5 miles away. The other blur to right of the plan perimeter is a site plan or something (can't be there) 


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