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Can't Get Window To Go Through Double Stud Wall, Applies Only To Exterior Or Interior.

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I'm going around the house to fit custom windows in the framing so that the king studs for the windows are the normal 16" OC studs in the wall. When placing a window it works fine and goes through both walls, but when the window is moved to the edge of the stud it only applies to the exterior.


Also, is there an easier way to move the windows directly up against the studs other than entering exact dimensions? The point to point move doesn't snap to the window, and the dimensions I'm allowed to edit when selecting the window aren't always the ideal ones.



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There doesn't seem to be a problem when I try adding windows elsewhere. Maybe it has something to do with the stairs? 

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Turn on Ignore Casing...




As you move the window close the the adjacent wall this setting comes into play.

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