Sloped ceilings & creating angled upper cabinets


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This can be done a number of ways.  You can use any number of primitive solid tools, slabs, etc.  You can also use a combination of smaller "cabinets", shelves, soffits, and/or partitions to build your cabinets.


It sort of depends on the cabinet design as to which option works best. 


One thing I've personally done in this situation and what probably has the least negative effect on schedules, material lists, etc. is just build the cabinet to extend through the ceiling and add the extra parts and pieces required for the ceiling transition manually.  That was actually one of the only times in recent memory that I've chosen to deliberately model something inaccurately.


The ability to specify the shape/slope of the cabinet top is one of a number of cabinet improvements I'd really like to see.

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You're welcome.  Looks like you got what you needed.  For future reference (if you don't already realize it), you can actually create angled cabinet doors like that and have them behave like a normal cabinet door (i.e. the door wold be totally correct and only the box would need futzing around with). 

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