Porch column & Railing questions?


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I have a house that I was working on & need to revise the front porch to mimic a photo the customer sent over.
The items I have questions about are as follows:
Note, at this time I don't need to be exact but just a general copy of the style.
1. matching the column style, I can live with 1st floor & 2nd floor columns, not continuous like the photo.
2. the railing, I would like to see the square pattern in the railing. The railing should fit between the columns.
3. the sun screen detail, do I have to build this from primitives?
4. the porch, I just covered it with a solid,

File attached.
The railing dies into the columns but need to be pulled back. Is this a situation that the railings should be a "No Room" item & the porch use "invisible walls"?
The columns, I guess I could add p-solids to get some more detail.

Any suggestions welcome.




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For the columns, you'll probably want to make symbols.  You could do it with parts and pieces, but then you'll have to manage them with any edits.  


I would do this is a clean empty plan file.  Just use whatever tools you are comfortable with to make these columns, then make a symbol.  Look in Chief's videos for how to make a symbol.  It's pretty easy.


Basically you use any parts whatsoever to make the shape or shapes you want.  It makes no difference what you use - polyline solids, molding polylines, cabinets, window louvres, windows, doors, railings, fences, other symbols - quite seriously, it doesn't matter.  I've even cheated using terrain for stuff that's kinda mushy.  


Then with it on screen in 3D - Tools - Symbol - Convert to Symbol - and take a good look at Advanced options while you go.  And, of course, read the Help section for details.

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For part 2 - you can probably do that with a Molding Polyline, so it can expand if you change spacing.  Avoid 3D Molding Polyline any time you don't actually need a Z direction. 


You make a closed polyline that's the profile in section.  Then draw a line in plan, Convert to Polyline - Molding Polyline - assign your profile - and experiment a little with inside v outside (Molding tab, bottom of screen, box checked or not).  


Again - read Help and/or check out videos for how to use it in detail.

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