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Has anyone recently bought a new HP laptop (NOT A DESKTOP) with a 2gb or 4gb NVidia card? If you have, do you have any problems with the HP laptop with X5 or X6? I'm starting to have problems with my HP laptop concerning an error. The error tells me that "the display adapter has stopped working but has recovered". Well not really, you have to close Chief and re-open. Sometimes you have to close using the Task Manager. It's real bad with X6. I have no problems with renders or spinning renders or doing ray-traces. I have 8gb of system ram and ray-tracing is very good. I generally get the problem when I have dbx boxes open. I can get the best dollar values with HP which is why I'm asking about HP laptops. I currently have a 1gb ATI card that has switchable graphics. I don't want switchable graphics again. I do have it set to run the ATI card ALL OF THE TIME. I can go sometimes for days with no problems but like today, this happened 3 times. 

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