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I just received a topo survey for a lot I purchased.  I would like to start using Home Designer Pro to causally work on our custom built house for this lot.   Because I plan on using the HDP just for this one house, seems like no reason to spend extra time getting the terrain right.   I have a .dwg file from the topographical survey.   I'm looking for someone who can import that data into Chief Architect and then export me a working lot with terrain that I can use in Home Designer Pro.   Also, once that is done, I might also ask for some slight variations to the contours, assuming we'll need to do some site work before building based on the contours.  As if my posting didn't make it clear from my inept use of the language, I'm completely new to the design world.

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ask them to export the data as a file compatible with HD Pro  and do it yourself perhaps ....


I say this as I am not sure a Terrain created in CA will be 100% workable in Pro , the Version of CA would also have to match your version of HD Pro to be compatible,


filling in your Forum Sig. and letting people know who you are and what you are using is probably a good  idea too.

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