Cedar Railings with Wrought Iron Knuckles and Baskets

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These are the Symbols shown in the Q&A thread (and below)  and a Test Plan to show how they look on the Deck as well as the Stairs and some notes on how they were made but I'll post some pics of the settings to use with the Railings in the Library Below too, so no need to download the plan to get the symbols unless you want to look at it. I also made CAD Blocks with the Balusters showing so you can turn on the Railing "Draw" setting if you like to see them in Plan view.




My Test Plan to make sure all was working including Stairs:

Cedar and Wrought Iron Rail-Test Plan.plan



The Actual Symbol Creation Plan for The Knuckle and Basket Railing Symbol ,with notes/how to 


Cedar and Wrought Iron Rail3.plan


Note that the Wrought Iron has curves etc ,so may slow your plan down depending on your gfx card.


Cedar Rail with W.Iron Baluster Panels.calibz


how to set them up



Q&A Thread:








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Thanks, Mick. I had not followed a thread on how to do this. Thanks for pointing out how it's done so that we can make other styles, too.

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Hi Cheryl , in case you want to look , I added the actual symbol creation plan above with notes too. 

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