When opening exported DWG file in ACad, I have no line weights.

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When I export a line drawing from Chief to a DWG file and open it up in any Cad program other than Chief there is no weight to the lines.


Anyone else experience this?


Here is a typical DWG. from Chief.


If for some reason this is a bug in Chief I am seriously going to consider going to another program.


Thank you.



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Open your layers dialog in ACad, and you'll see that you have line weights, 0.09mm is shown. You may want to increase your line weight, as the 0.09 is quite thin

You can change a setting in the lineweight settings dialog box to be able to see lineweights in your drawing before you preview a plot, but they aren't very accurate unless you're using layouts. When you print from model space, you have to preview the drawing from the plot dialog box to see how the lineweights will look

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Just wondering how your doing with export to ACad.

Chief exports well if you set it up correctly. Perhaps the biggest weakness is with hatching, which must be re done in ACad.

Most users don't realize that we can export a fully functional 3D model to ACad, that can be viewed and edited. This is really significant, but is often overlooked, as we have few knowlegeable cross platform users.

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Hi Bill, thank you for your response.


I think I have it set up correctly, I was able to figure out how to display my line weights in ACad and other Cad programs but I find that in all programs the line weights are of only two varieties/weights.


Either the line is 0.0 line weight or 0.09 weight. Very strange. 


I have it set to allow for ACad index color/weight etc. but still it just doesn't seem to work very well.


I shall continue along as best I can for now.



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