Anyone have ag symbols?


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I'm looking for better capability to design agricultural buildings- especially dairy-with symbols for (e.g.) free stalls, waterers, curtain sided walls, milking parlors and related equipment, robotic milkers, etc. I've been running Chief 9.5 Full for about 8 years with residential projects, but now I'm more involved in large Dairy projects. (I'm willing to upgrade to latest version if necessary). Anyone got any suggestions?

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to use .skp files from the google warehouse you would need to upgrade to at least Chief X1


but then you would be limited to ver 6 files unless you can use the free ver of Sketchup to save

as .skp ver 6


then around X2 or X3 Sketchup 7 came then Sketchup 8 and now Sketchup 2014


so the later the version of Chief you get the more flexibility with .SKP and other file formats that

chief has added since ver 9.5 (many)


due to a convoluted library system I would avoid X3 - big time


it used to be necessary to create detailed symbols in Sketchup (free or PRO)

then import into chief


starting around Chief X4 most symbols can be made within chief



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sorry, not my forte


fairly certain you need to start with cad not pictures


many vendors have .DWG or .DXF symbols of their products for download

you could then edit them as needed and save in library as new symbols


same with .SKP symbols from the google warehouse



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