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Need Help Creating An "egress Walkout" Basement

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Hello, I am a first-time user learning my way through Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2015.  I am currently working on trying to create our "egress" walkout basement.  I know this is a play on words so here is the situation:  We are designing a home that has all entrances & slab patios at grade (0”) (no stairs whatsoever for the main living floor #1 and surrounding perimeter).  We are also building a full basement and want a walkout doorway w/small patio but I want to keep our backyard at first-floor/grade (0”) level.  My solution is to create a “cut-out/egress” style of walkout basement where only the door/patio area are below grade, but the remainder of the backyard terrain/elevation remains 0”.  I am figuring I can accomplish this using retaining walls and sloped elevation for a gradual landscaped stairway into the yard.  I keep getting close-to results but nothing spot-on yet.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?  I also want the porch roof to continue over the “egress” but cannot figure out how to do this either, as I now have a gap there.  Finally, to boot, I cannot find the "Flat Terrain" cut/fill modifier tool anywhere in my program or Terrain menu.  Thank you to all who can chime in and give me a hand!!!  


I have attached a screen-shot of my plan, as well as three Google image examples of what I am trying to accomplish.  Thank you!!





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Check your building code first. In my state we have the IRC with state amendments. My state (Massachusetts) requires (2) doors with egress. The IRC requires the egress door to be "side hinged" with no requirement for additional doors.

From there the terrain masters here can help you with the cutout.

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It would be best to Ask over on Hometalk as Suite does not have the Features of Chief Architect and it's always a good idea to post the plan so people can have a look for you.


this might help


Other Terrain KB Articles

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