3D Solid Created to Now Somehow Pull into Material List in Proper ID


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Good day all,


I'm not sure if this is accomplishable, and maybe I'm just wanting to see how accurate Chief is to a manual deck take-off.<_<


I know a manual take-off is not difficult, I've done it may times.  I think this question may be for my own information as to the limits and or doables of Chief.


I've created a few 3D Solids and make them sized appropriately for deck framing applications.  Such as Beams, Posts and Joists.


With that, I've changed the material to Pressure Treated Lumber showing the color and incised marks.


Might there be a way to - for this question let's use the phrase 'open object' loosely, as it may not be the correct phrase or choice of words.


And then somehow, in the Components category on the left, (or somewhere) insert description, size, ETC, and any other pertaining information to THEN be displayed/or have info pulled into the Material List.


Not sure if this is feasible with the direction I've taken, or if I need to 'Make a Duplicate' of something else existing that pulls into the Material List, and alter the information to display alterations.


Then in the end, display in the Deck ID# as seen in the jpg.


I have done a search, however that has been uneventful.


Again - thanks so much in advance for your assistance.


Have a great day!


 - Drew

Example of 2x10 PT.jpg

Example of Material List Screen Shot.jpg

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Thank you Eric,


That make perfect sense.  I was still running into the situation of having it populate into the Material List under Decks instead of anywhere else.


Might there be a way to designate this for a deck purpose?


Thank you

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Thanks Jason,


I tried a couple more different options including yours.


And I may post back later if I come up with a desired result.


I believe the one I am looking for is my line# DW20, as it does not include the words 'accessory' or '3D Solid' in the description.


Thanks again.


 - Drew

Material List 2.jpg

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