Walls not terminated properly causing issues with wall heights and partially showing where they shouldn't.


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Software X15, room type is balcony, interior wall placement of outlet is added as WP.  I changed room type to great room and the outlets are placed properly.  


Having an issue with loft (3rd story) floor wall connections.  The bedroom wall is not extended to the ceiling.  The loft balcony wall is not lined up properly.  This issue became a bit more pronounced after I changed the room type from balcony to great room.  


This house doesn't have an attic.  I don't recall when and why I configured that way.

Thank you

loft balcony walls 1.png

loft balcony walls 2.png

loft bed wall disconnect 2.png

loft bed wall disconnect.png

attic floor.png

3rd story.png

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With the wall not going to the ceiling, open wall structure tab select default top height 

As for sharing the file google drive works for me you just need to set sharing to anyone with link 

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