Notched trim at mulled angled windows


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I've run into this before but I can't remember exactly what the solution was. Do you have lintels on any of the windows before you mull them? If so try without the lintels.


I've found that with these types of window configurations it's sometimes easier and more accurate to turn off exterior casings, go to elevation view and get a cad detail from view, draw a polyline around the perimeter of the ganged window frames, offset the line for whatever reveal you want, copy>paste/hold position the p-line to your elevation view, then convert the p-line to a molding polyline to create your casing.


It would be really nice if we had control for each individual side of casings per window. On or off, different widths and thicknesses.

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51 minutes ago, solver said:

Just one way to approach this type of window arrangement.

Nice option! I'm usually starting with one of the P4-5 or P4-6 direct glaze windows from the Marvin catalog and going through all the gyrations to calculate the side lengths. It's not too bad if you're able to use nice round numbers for the width, height, & spacing.


I've never considered or had any clue that the tudor arch method would work to create polygon windows.

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