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Hi Chief Friends.   I've been an on and off chief user over the years, but now I'm all in!   


Being so appreciative of those who take time to share their knowledge and insight into Chief, I want to give back as I move along in my exploration.. 


D5 or other third party render engines don't seem to read the UV mapping of Chief doors.  The doors export as one color/material layer, and you can't assign the rails separate from the stiles. 


I'm working on a new door symbol set that has separate colors already assigned to make prepping a job for third party render a little easier. 

For a start, here is a custom shaker door set that has separate material colors assigned for the stile and rails, as well as center panel.  In addition, there are two sets of each so you can mix things up. 

Your render quality will greatly improve when your cabinet doors have accurate grain direction.   The original symbol block is included as well, if you wish to tinker. 


I've actually found this useful in CA renders as well.  If you really want to get an even more realistic door set, edit the original symbol block to use separate colors for the top vs bottom rail, and separate color for left vs. right rail!  


Let me know if there is an interest in symbols like this.  I'll keep sharing.   




D5 Shaker.calibz

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Yes, thank you for sharing!  I downloaded your library and played around with different woods on your doors.  This will helpful even in a simple color watercolor view to demonstrate to a client which way the grain will be running on a cabinet door.  


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Hi Friends,


In the latest round of mess around, I thought someone might be interest in my current door style beta testing. 


In the spirit of this group of wonderful sharing folk, I wanted to let others see just how amazing Chief really can be!


This is a Chief Architect standard base cabinet.   I've made the door have the ability to apply four five different textures, the beaded inset also has two additional textures. 
This was created in Sketchup (which is 100x easier for making doors imho), imported to chief, and a set of custom textures were made for the specific client's selection.   

Both the door in chief is included as well as the sketchup file.   Maybe, it will give you inspiration to make your own and share on the forum!  

No doubt, there are great tricks on beaded inset found on the forum, but for me, when it comes to ease of use, have the beaded detail as part of the door style is a big time saver.   

I'll be creating some other beaded details that are applied as 'doors' 'drawers' in the near future.   

NOTE:  This is just a test door!   I have to fix a small detail in Sketchup on the bead.   (follow me tool doesn't always cooperate, if you use sketchup you'll know what i mean). 


Enjoy.  (or don't, LOL).   



Beaded Shaker.calibz

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