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Hi! need help here! 

I started with auto roof build on this house, the main living area 24x36, 8/12, (tallest ridge line) has no flat ceiling above it, (cathedral) ceiling.  The bedrooms on the left and right of main living area will be 9 ft flat ceiling. when the roofs auto build the ceiling follows the other gables into the main room. ive tried to manually build roof planes and ceiling planes, which seems to help but this is my first build so its a bit to much for me. hope this makes SOME sense!


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From your description, it sounds like you need to build an invisible wall where the ceiling changes from cathedral to flat and then in the room dbx, change the ceiling type as appropriate.

There should be no reason why you can't do auto roofs on a simple plan like that. 

If that's not it, post the plan.

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