Homeowner just needing help with his roof


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So I’ve been using chief for nearly 15-20 years, since version 8 but just for my own personal use silver I love architecture and design so much. I’m putting my newly acquired MCM house into chief however I can’t figure out how to make my roof in chief. It’s actually a very simple design however not the easiest for me to replicate and I was wondering if I upload the file if someone might be able to help. Probably would take 5 minutes for someone that understands roofs. I mostly used chief all these years for interior ideas like kitchen remodels, etc.


 I’m uploading a picture of my house so you can see the basic roof layout. Just an extended gable on one side.


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Seeking Services is where you solicit paid help. 


That's a very simple roof to draw manually, and could be set up to build automatically of your structure is correct.


Plenty of roof videos on the Chief website and YouTube channel.


If you just want some help, delete this thread via Moderator Actions at the top of the page and post in General Q&A. Include the plan file (close Chief first), and say what version of Chief you are using.


Also an image or two of your best attempt at the roof might show that you are close enough that a hint or two will allow you to complete it yourself.

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