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I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong that is giving me inconsistent roof framing results.


In the attached plan (an OOTB CA plan template, BTW), leftmost example is using an Auto Floating Dormer. In Framing Camera 2, you see that the automatic framing doesn't create the valley framing where the dormer should join the main roof. 

Then in the middle example, I built the roof & dormers according to the instructions in this video. But now what we see is that the framing at the "rear" dormer is correct, but the "front" dormer isn't building correctly. Please do note that I downloaded the file associated with that video and its framing builds correctly. I've pored through it and really can't figure out how my file is different or what's making hers work correctly and what's making mine not work. . 

One thing that's definitely apparent is that the framing pretty consistently builds correctly when the dormer is above the outer-most wall of the building. In the case of the middle example, the dormer is built above the building's exterior wall (and its framing doesn't build correctly, whereas in the rightmost example the dormer is above the porch "wall". That said, the aforementioned example builds the dormer above the exterior wall, rather than the porch railing wall. 


I guess what I'd like to know is: When I run up against the missing valley framing, is there a series of steps that I can take to correct it consistently?




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