4 Way Elevation Marker


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7 minutes ago, creatrix said:

How would I make one marker such as the one I've shown below? This is for a shower and there's just not that much room for 4.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.24.11 PM.png

Core Library/CAD Blocks/Designer Blocks/ Room Labels.
Modify one of those

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7 minutes ago, creatrix said:

Thanks . . . I'm not finding anything that looks like something I can use.

This CAD block is the one that I pointed you toward and looks very similar to what you are requesting. Wouldnt take much to conform. image.png.ca9ca9280e35a9beb7dee9c3acf2a3b3.png
Alternatively you could create this with a simple callout and 4 arrows:

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