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Do you have 10+ years in the software and wonder if you've been missing some tips and tricks? Have you been able to break the 15 hour condoc set?
Maybe you are a proficient user that wants to know everything that there is to know in Chief.
Rendering, Automation, Resources, Symbols, Quick Tools, Style Pallets, PDF Tools, Templates, and more.

We believe in lifting the community up. All of our tools and resources are available to you. With training that can be personal, team oriented, prerecorded, livestreamed, interactive. We offer training in over 15 softwares from Drafting and Detailing to Modeling, Advanced Texturing, Procedural Workflows, Node Based Design, Macro Creations, DAMs, Automation, VR Workflows, Streaming Overlays and Masks and much much more. Tell us your needs and we will connect you with the package or the right resource.

Some example learning modules:

Concentric Jump your dimension strings
Enter-input your jumps and Enter-close your DBX's
Snap jump your door widths, concentric jump your windows
Alt behavior tips, contain-selection and deselection workflows with tool restrictions. 
Tons of cabinet tools and tips, including custom one-off parametrically modelled vanities and more.
Custom Toolbar Icons and Custom Library Objects.
Toolbar Switching Tricks and Library workflows

Check Render 4.jpg


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6 hours ago, Decorationarts said:

Could use some 1 to 1 lessons on your rendering techniques

Shoot me an email and we can set something up. Im only going to take on a few more trainees for this month. Rendering is a big topic but very enjoyable in my mind.

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Don Corbin here. Chief user since 2000 version 5

I have been following your posts on the chief forum.

I wanted to discuss hiring you to see how we can streamline/improve our process. Macros/shortcuts etc...

I am also interested in learning more about your rendering techniques.

We are here in Honolulu Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss.


Love to hear form you soon!

Happy New Year!






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      Hi - I am using x14 version of chief architect, and I am trying to do a bathroom elevation and show the tile as well. I am new to interior design and chief architect. I've drawn on 2D polylines to show the tile material and location, but then it covers up the plumbing fixture on the wall. I'm not sure what the best way is to show the tile in an elevation. Do I have to add it to the 3D model, or can I just show it in 2D?
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      Hello everyone.
      I'm a bit confused  about how the "components" tab works in CA at the Specification panels, and I can't find a clear description of it either on the forum or in the CA Help. Could someone help me understand it?
      My problem and my desired outcome is the following: 
      I have to design a French drain system around a slab. I want to put into the material list the pipes, the gravel around the pipes and the geotextile fabric around the gravel. The slab is quite big and has a complex shape, so I wanted to rely on the material list calculation rather then recalculation it by hand each time the plan is modified. 
      My idea was to use a polyline solid () for representing the gravel, and use its surface to represent the geotextile fabric.  The quantity of gravel should be calculated based on the volume, and the area of the geotextile should be calculated based on the surface area of the cube. Maybe this is not the right approach, but I couldn't find a better solution. 
      When I assign the gravel material to the cube, I automatically get a component that is calculated based on the volume.


      However, if I add another component to symbolize the geotextile, I can't use any macros for its surface area.

      I tried using "= automatic_count" but it always returns 1. If I create a macro in the CAD -> Text -> Text Macro Management window, it always throws an "Evaluation error" message.


      What determines the value returned by "= automatic_count"? And why can't I use it in a second component?
      Thank you very much ! 
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      I am by no means a programmer and I barely understood ruby when I made this macro. I have been trying to relearn but I still can't figure out what my problem is.
      I have attached my macro below and this is the error I have been getting:
      Evaluation Error: Ruby TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String
      Stack Trace:
      from eval:10:in `eval'
      from eval:10:in `block (2 levels) in <main>'
      from eval:4:in `loop'
      from eval:4:in `block in <main>'
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