Help please, need truss company for Florida


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I am so sorry to put this here,  I am a little desperate and tried the industry resources area and didn't get a response.  Thought I would try to see if any of you have had the same problem and the solutions you found.  Thinking perhaps  Georgia or Alabama truss companies could help, but I am swamped and have limited time to track down ones that can take on more work.    


Our local truss companies are overwhelmed and turning away work. We must have truss sheets that are windloaded and designed for Florida for the permitting process.  Are there any truss companies that have availability and ability to do Florida trusses?  It's crazy these days.  What used to take me a week to get is now taking 6 weeks just to get a quote,. Any then another four weeks to get the truss sheets. Any help trying to find a solution would be wonderful!

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