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I need to finish up a site plan I am having trouble joining polylines on a cad file sent to me from a surveyor.

For one reason or another I am not able to join lines L1 & L2 to the rest of the boundary lines. (photo 2)
This specific town requires set back lines on the plan as opposed to measurements and without being able to close the polylines I cannot copy and pate and concentric jump to the required set back. Also, though the line weights are set the same L1 & L2 appear heavier. (photo 1). 
Any insight as to why I can't join these lines would be greatly appreciated.





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With connect segments on I can highlight the entire polyline and choose to close the polyline. This is what I get, lines 1& 2 stay out.  And when I undo lines go right back to being disconnected.image.thumb.png.86644eef735e6c96a75a3da4d6a48890.png


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Note fully enclosed polyline.


Then copy and paste in place and concentric jump to the set back line (15' Setting) Note line 1 & 2 are not affected. Just like when I use the close polyline tool lines 1 &2 are omitted.


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Thank you solver! I was hesitant to add points that may not have been exact with the surveyor coordinates due to wetlands. But I did also get that to work earlier, also.

While I have been sitting here I opened a prior saved plan that I had saved under another name so I could play with it, it turns out that the order that I joined the lines mad all the difference. For dome reason when I joined the lines in a clock wise fashion, they stayed joined and closed. Go figure.
Thanks for your help,,, Again....


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Lines 1 and 2 are NOT the same line weight as the rest, therefore your polyline is NOT fully enclosed...




The line weight of the main polyline was just manually changed at some point...



All you need to do is open it up and check the By Layer for the Weight.  Then just click on one of the end nodes and then click on it again.

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