Known Incompatibilities with Chief Architect Software


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Known Incompatibilities with Chief Architect Software

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Below is a list of software and hardware incompatibilities with Chief Architect Software products. If you encounter an incompatibility issue that is not on this list, please report the problem to our Technical Support department.

3Dconnexion and macOS 11 (Big Sur)

  • Products & Versions Affected: All Chief Architect Products and Versions
  • Platform: macOS 11
  • Description: 3Dconnexion mice that are utilizing drivers that are not compatible, nor supported, with macOS 11 may cause Chief Architect to freeze or crash.
  • Solution: Install a 3Dconnexion driver that supports macOS 11 (Big Sur):

Nahimic Audio Software

  • Products & Versions Affected: All Chief Architect Products and Versions
  • Platform: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10
  • Description: Nahimic Audio Software may cause Chief Architect Software to freeze or crash.
  • Solution: Nahimic is often preinstalled on Asus, Gigabyte (AORUS), and MSI branded systems. Nahimic is also present on Alienware and Dell systems bundled within the Alienware Command Center and Alienware Sound Center software. Simply uninstalling Nahimic resolves this issue. When Nahimic is bundled in Alienware Command or Sound Center software, it is necessary to either uninstall the Alienware software or disable the Nahimic service.


I have this Issue myself on my Asus Laptop , it is NOT necessary to uninstall the Nahimic Apps or stop the Service, at least for me. The Issue is the Sonic Radar App which tries to map sound in 3D apps and Chief's 3D confuses if as Chief does not have any Audio, and so uninstalling just Sonic Radar fixes the Issues for me. I found it was not necessary to remove SS3 ( Sonic Studio 3 ) which is the Graphic Equaliser and useful for it's Headphone enhancement and better sound all round.




Intel Graphics Error Associated with macOS 10.15.5 Update

  • Products & Versions Affected: Chief Architect X12, Chief Architect X11, Chief Architect X10, Home Designer 2021, Home Designer 2020, and Home Designer 2019.
  • Platform: macOS 10.15.5, Macs with Intel UHD 600 series graphics
  • Description: Starting with macOS update 10.15.5, Macs containing a single Intel graphics card may experience a graphics card error message followed by freezing or crashing when applying a material in a camera view.
  • Solution: There appears to be a problem within the graphics driver that is packaged with the macOS Catalina 10.15.5 update. We encourage you to report the problem to Apple here: Additionally, when the program crashes you'll often be presented with an option to send a crash report to Apple. Please click the option to send that report to Apple so they have more information on the problem and can hopefully get it resolved quicker.

RivaTuner Statistics Server in X13

  • Products & Versions Affected: Chief Architect X13
  • Platform: Windows 10
  • Description: RivaTuner Statistics Server may cause Chief Architect to produce an internal rendering error when looking at 3D previews within nested dialog boxes. In rare cases, the 3D preview associated with the Library Browser may also display in an incorrect location.
  • Solution: RivaTuner Statistics Server is often preinstalled on MSI branded systems. It may also be bundled in MSI Afterburner software. Uninstall RivaTuner Statistics Server to resolve the issue.





Nahimic Issue


Nvidia Driver Fix / Latest Driver




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    • By Kbird1
      * Some info appears to have disappeared from the Forum about this Issue so this is just a repost for Future Users to find ie a PSA.
      ** Removing the Sonic Radar Win 10 App only solved it for me, there was no need to remove Sonic Studio App or the " Nahimic Service"
      which is needed for Sonic Studio to work, though some have reported they had to remove both the Sonic Apps to solve this.
      (Sonic Radar is a 3D sound Source App for Gamers, which causes the Issue as it senses CA as a 3D game but CA does not have any Audio)
      The Nahimic Service is the Issue , it can be stopped in the Services App ( Service.msc in the Run Dialog)
      and configured for manual start only or disabled, at least as a Test to see if your issue is indeed Nahimic.
      The are several reports online also posting about Nahimic having a White and Black List , and adding Chief to the Blacklist may work but personally I did not try that.
      Hi Yes there is known issue between Nahimic 3 and other applications (Maya, Substance Painter, 3D applications using OpenGL ). This primary happens when application is started on secondary monitors. some more research is found here:
      All fixes are just .......uninstall the Nahimic 3 Sonic Radar  ( game sound detector) and Sonic Studio (equalizer)
      For us who don't want accept that solution here is simple fix:
      Locate this nahimic blacklist  ( maybe in a slightly different place on your PC eg if you have a Dell , see below)
      and insert your affected executable application to avoid injecting your application by Nahimic tested on Substance Painter.exe
      There is no needed to restart PC or Nahimic Service Just save file.
      This has worked for me, so far at least. For my laptop Alienware m17r3 the file location is:
    • By ericepv
      I'm considering getting a 3D Connexion wireless mouse for my system (if it is compatible with Chief). Does anyone have experience with this or a similar tool?