X13 corrupting user library

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Is anyone else striking an issue where went modifying items in the User library?

Typically it seems to be happening to me when using the new "Edit CAD Block" feature

The program returns any error and then crashes.

On reopening the User library is not longer available.

It's happened to me 3 times this morning so far with quite a lot of work lost on each occasion.

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No.  We have not reports of problems editing cad blocks in the library.  It may have something to do with the specific cad block you are working with.  Please report this to our tech support team along with a copy of your library and some specific steps to use to see the problem.



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Solved it!

For reference to anyone striking this issue in the future.

Our Chief library's were located in a within a cloud storage directory.

The Library file was subject to a "2 way sync" updating process, were the cloud version checked for consistency against the locally storage folder and would update if differences were indicated.

This "2 way sync" was the cause for the library file being corrupted.

Changing the cloud settings so the library file was the subject to only a "1 way" replication (local version would overwrite cloud version) fixed the issues. No corrupt library files since doing this.

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