Resolving Floor Sheathing for reverse brick ledge foundation

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I am working on a project that will use a reverse brick ledge with the first floor framing set on a reverse brick ledge on the interior of the foundation wall with the above grade walls framed above the floor joists.  In the model and sections, I am not able to get the floor sheathing to end at the  exterior layer of the above grade wall (the outside of the framing layer.)  I have included a picture of what is happening.  


I went to defaults on the General Walls and set the default to Resize about to "Inner Surface".  I also have set the wall defaults to build to the exterior of the main layer which is the wall framing. 


Any suggestions as to how to fix this in the sections and the camera views?  I am using Chief Architect Premiere X12.


Floor Platform - Sheathing.jpg

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Hard to tell how you did your brick ledge from the pics but would be my guess of why it is not working properly. 


I believe you will need to include your plan file (make sure you close out of chief before adding it) to get accurate help.

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