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I am currently doing construction documents in autocadd with some projects done in chief for visual/ design purposes for about half my clients.  I am not personally comfortable with doing the CD's in Chief but would like to start trying to migrate some plans/ CD's to chief.  I am looking to see who might be out there to take plans/ model that I have done in chief and complete construction documents as I currently dont have time to get up to speed on this phase on chief.  I would provide the design / model and engineering / layouts/ sizing as well as I would add in my general notes etc to final plans.  I would be looking for the following mostly standard requirements for New Homes. I would also share a sample of my projects to show level of detail etc I am typically providing.


Some corrections or editing of plans may be required to correct some of my lack of chief skills with things like stairs, etc. I can generally get the model to look correct but might be a shortcut to get the look withought hassle of getting chief to do it the correct way.


1. Foundation Plan/ First Floor Framing

1A. Sometimes finish basement plan

2. First  and Second Floor plans as required ( sometimes second floor framing plans)

3. Elevations

4. Roof Plan

5. Roof Framing Plan

6. Typ walls sections at garage, 1 story, 2 story etc

7. Optional door and window schedules (but these are no a big concern.)

8. Electric plans ( optional)  I can do these if required as well or just edit ones you might start out.


Site plans may be required on some but many are done by civil engineers for many projects


So while I dont have any ready this minute; if you would be interested in such an arrangement, feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss your experience, fees, timing for doing a project.




Nelson Behr

Design Directive


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I would be interested in discussing meeting the needs you are looking to fill. I think I would be a good fit for what you've spelled out. Please feel free to reach out to me at: I am running x12 and hope we can discuss meeting your specific needs. Thanks.



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Good day
I can offer you my services remotely.
You are most welcome to visit my personal website for a complete overview of the drafting, design and rendering services I am able to offer ...
I am competent & proficient in both Chief Architect, Auto CAD & 3Ds MAX software and offer these services in either USA Units (Inches) &/or Metric Units at affordable prices.
If you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer those.
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This is Farzan, Chief Architec/Matterport Drafter & Modeler'
If freelance work is an option then here is my profile for review. Please knock for further assistance and I am happy to assist :
Please knock for further details and I am happy to assist. 
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