What is this type of roof called and how do I build it?


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First, is there a technical name for this type of shed roof that is split and then has a row of windows?


I want to build my barn/workshop with this type of roof, BUT I will not have a bearing wall under those windows.  My garage door will be on the side where the single window is right now.


I know that it would be built by putting in a truss with a ledger to attach the lower rafters, but I'm not sure how to get Chief to do that.


Does anyone have a sample plan that is this kind of roof that I could sing along to?


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Thanks, that's a pretty decent little tutorial and it got me a lot farther than before. 

It's builds a ledger and the wall above, no truss or header though, so I've got to keep tinkering.


barn framing.jpg

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