Remove stem wall from below railings and retain post footing?

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Until now I have been using doorways to accomplish showing posts within Chief. However, I would like to be able to use railings instead, as clients frequently would like to have a railing shown in the plan and it can be tricky to manually move a railing into place.


But when I use a railing as opposed to a doorway, the foundation plan is negatively impacted.


Here is the doorway technique that I have been using (which will show what I am looking to accomplish in my plans. The only polyline I add in these instances are for the larger 24x24 footing represented by the square dotted line).


This is what I currently have showing as I use a railing (I will also attach the sloppy plan):



Hoping I explained myself clearly! Thank you in advance for the help.

Burnham Heber Addition PROPOSED Idea 1.plan

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