Import Sketchup model with collada file correctly?

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Is it possible to import a Sketchup model that uses a collada file as an overlay texture to increase detail? I did a quick forum search but most topics deal with exporting a collada file. I want to add more realism by using some of the better models in the Warehouse, and many models use collada files as a quick workaround to add minor details. This clock radio is a perfect example.


Any pros/cons to this approach? Maybe Renerabbitt can chime in with a less techy explanation?


my attempt.JPG


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16 hours ago, CARMELHILL said:

Nevermind. I was importing the collada files wrong. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay, been inundated. 
I've been waiting to make a video about advanced materials coupled with simple models. Want to test X-13 before I get into it. Their is some huge hidden potential in the AO maps that I don't see anyone taking advantage of. Chief doesn't treat AO the same as most rendering engines, which can be used to created some much needed depth and cut through the overlighting inherent in chiefs engine. Also getting into some good maps can really change the look of chief, just keeping in mind those high reso textures add up fast. Stay tuned!

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