NM Spiral Column & full Corbel


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Just now, creatrix said:

Doesn't allow me to import.


Can you expand on that? What is "Doesn't allow"? Do you get an error?


1 minute ago, creatrix said:

dropping desktop image directly in file


Your download should be a symbol, not an image, and it needs to be imported to the user library.

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    • By Ridge_Runner
      There is a current thread going about post frame buildings. I just yesterday picked up a client who wants basically the same thing that OP did. I didn't want to hijack that thread so I started a new one.
      The client and I are in disagreement (so what's new about that?) about the way the columns (6x6 PT southern yellow pine) are installed at grade. He wants to just dig hole, put them in, and 'fill-er up with dirt'! In our non-code area, the frost line is only 12" and the "good-old boy way" it's usually done is fill the hole with concrete after the post is set. I prefer to use a pier form like Bigfoot or similar with a Simpson column base. How do you guys who design-build pole barns normally install the columns? This project will be a utility building so more budget conscious.
      Thanks, Mike
    • By ChiefBe
      I am trying to open multiple brick walls with large openings supported by posts and beams. The exterior wall will then have multiple adjacent windows, all connected to each other.
      However I can't manage to do this with Chief Architect. 
      When using a window, he doesn't allow me to continue the window, passing the perpendicular wall.
      I tried to use posts and beams, however I can't find a way to say that the upper wall is carried by that post/beam and there's no need to keep a small part of wall to carry everything. 
      As pictures say a lot more than words, on the left what I can do, and on the right I would like to do:
      Any advice on forcing ChiefArchitect to draw windows past the perpendicular wall is definitely welcome ! 

    • By KKirsch
      Can anyone tell me why my fence posts don't reach the ground?
      I am using a 3 rail, split rail panel system, which I told to follow the terrain.  My newel posts are 5" round posts and 40" tall, and the railing is 36" tall.  I have my terrain and fence on the foundation level of my building.  The terrain is about 30" below the 1st floor elevation, and the posts seem to stop at the 1st floor elevation.  I only see the top +/-10" of the posts.  They are missing the other 30" down to grade.