Need drafting for small commercial project

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Good Day

I am looking for some simple services for a commercial storage building that I am putting up.

I did a previous building in Chief 5-6 years ago for the 15000 sf building that I am in now.  

I am working with an architect who will be doing the review on the plans, so there is no issue with getting the plans stamped- he does that.  You and I would work via zoom to review changes that my arch would be doing.  I have the old plans from a really old version of chief for the existing building, where I will need the foot print (of the existing building) imported in to show distance from the existing building to the new building and proximity to the side yard set back.


The building is 50' x 160' x 23' high with a monolithic foundation.  The building is pre-engineered and they are providing their own stamps (this is true for foundation, structure, site plan)

I would be providing the code review to you and coaching the minimum that we need on the plans, including:

  • C1: Site plans (I have that completed by my engineer (by others and would be a separate attachment))
  • A1: project description and front elevation; code review imported
  • A2 floor plans and non rating for exterior walls (may have window and door schedules with numbered schedule for all openings)
  • A3 Foundation plan (by others) (by others and would be a separate attachment)
  • A4 Roof plan and building sections
  • A5 Exterior elevations
  • E1 Electrical (nominal)
  • M1 Mechanical (none)
  • P1 Plumbing (none)
  • S1 Structural (by others and would be a separate attachment)

As we complete these, a couple of review via zoom should tie all of this up fair quickly after reviews with the architect.  I may be making this seem a bit simplistic, but I have done this several times and it could be a job you can clear in little time and no BS.  I am a former Chief user, contractor for 30 years, so we can talk the same language.  You would need to provide me with a .pdf in 36 x 24 (and I would be marking these up as we progress and share with you) and the original pl files and layout sheets when we are done.  I can pay you in Venmo or Paypal in a draw that works for you.  I can send you the last plan files, but like I said they are from an old version.


Thanks in Advance!  Jay Van Deusen; Bel Air MD 21014  


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Chief Architect Services & Training

  CONSTRUCTION PLANS   Check out sample plan below:










I also do screen share sessions via ScreenLeap or your Zoom.


Bob Shofner



305-922-2919  -  office

973-897-5013  -  cell


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