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Hi Guys and Girls.


I've been away form this forum for a long time, maybe some of you still remember me.

I had another job for a few year and I didn't have time to be here, how ever Covid struck and I lost the other job.

So to make some extra money I will offer my symbols for sale and also take custom symbol orders, if you want something special I make it for you.


You can see a few of my symbols, old and new on my facebook page.


If you like what you see send me a PM or an E-mail.


Best regards

Anders Niemi

Fan-Matthews-Ar Ruthiane.png







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    • By marlem2000
      Hi, everybody
      This question is not exactly related to technical issues about Chef Architect but I don’t know what to do. Let’s see… how can I explain this?
      I’m really bad designing my own furniture so I usually download stuff from pages like 3D Warehouse. I save everything in the User Catalog. I try to keep everything in order and in different folders but, as you can guess, working with so many things is a mess.
      I try to clean these folders regularly removing furniture I don’t use anymore but my hard disk is a disaster. I’ve been updating the software and now I don’t know where all the libraries are (including the stuff I downloaded). I’m scared of deleting the wrong "Chief Architect Premier X Data" folder.
      Then, another strange thing that happens while working with downloaded symbols is that, after adding them to my catalog, their textures are lost. Doesn’t Chief Architect keep them?
      I don’t know if I’m missing anything… How can I “clean” the software? Many thanks!

    • By ABR_PKB
      When I change the dimension of a wall sconce, the 2D symbol resizes too. I've never had this happen before when resizing electrical symbols. How do I prevent this from  happening ? I've attached 2 pictures for reference.
      Thanks in advance!

    • By marlem2000
      Hi, everybody
      I would like to know how you edit symbols or CAD blocks.
      I don’t have much experience creating my own objects so I usually download them from pages like 3D Warehouse.
      Most of the times I need to make changes or remove elements included in these objects so I just load the symbol, go to Edit CAD block and try to modify what I need in the CAD Block window.
      When the object is ready, I just add it to the library, but when I try to reload again the symbol previously created I can’t see it in the 3D view.
      I’m sure I’m missing some steps or, probably, I can’t understand how symbols work.
      Many thanks for the help!

    • By Renerabbitt
      Separating Sale items from free items from the popular FREE SYMBOLS AND CONTENT
      All items can be purchased from the SHOP
      Want free items? I love giving away things to help you succeed in this software, just click on the link above for the symbols and content thread for free stuff!

    • By Renerabbitt
      These are FOR SALE Finally! Very popular and an absolute must have in kitchen and vanity design.
      You can find these suite of tools and items in my SHOP
      The quickest path to a kitchen design right here in one pack. You’ve asked us for these tools for years now. They’ve been cleaned up, optimized and combed through for hours to ensure the highest quality toolset in a market that has no competition. We battled with ourselves to bring these tools up to this level. Purchase with confidence, it will be your favorite purchases in your kit of tools.
      PLEASE NOTE: Installation of the toolkit is required by the purchaser. This requires building a custom toolbar from instructions which are provided. Please watch videos on this listing for more information.
      BIG UPDATE TODAY 220905

      Revert to Original Painter-Base,Wall,Full
      Garbage Pullout Unit Painter
      2,3,4 Drawer Painters
      Full Height Door Painter/Drawer Delete Base Painter
      Corner Cabinet Painter-Base,Wall,Full
      Flush Filler w/ No Toe Painter-Base,Full
      Flush Filler w/Toe Painter-Base,Full
      Cabinet Section Cut Pattern Cover Block
      Add Backsplash Painter
      Backsplash Delete Painter
      Add Eased Edge Painter
      Flush Toe Painter-Base,Full
      12inch Back Countertop Overhang Painter
      12inch Front Countertop Overhang Painter
      12inch Front Overhang on 12” deep Cabinet Painter
      Island Legs Cabinet Painter
      Range and Hood Combo
      Microwave Hood Cabinet Painter-Full
      Microwave Drawer Painter-Base
      Glass Door Painter-Base,Wall,Door
      Double 30” oven cabinet preconfigured
      Fridge w/cabinet configuration pack 1
      Fridge w/cabinet configuration pack 2
      Panel With Face Frame
      Schedule Blocker
      Label Hider

      Arched Cabinet Tool
      TV Hutch
      Kitchen Entourage Dump
      Bonus Icons
      Custom Faucet
      Cafe Appliances
      A ton of extra symbols!