Transparent Fill not showing correctly on Layout?

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I'm trying to do a quick siding estimate and am overlaying polyline solids with a transparent angle hatch fill pattern over the elevations to get the area.  However, when the elevations refreshed in the Layout, only the first elevation page correctly showed the polyline solid area with background transparency through the fill pattern.  The other elevations have the background fill pattern showing as solid, even though as you can see in the dbx it is set to be 100% transparent.  I tried copying the polyline solid with the transparency to the other elevations as a test, but it still shows solid.  I tried sending the other elevations to the layout page that showed correctly to see if the page was an issue, etc.  Any thoughts why it works in one case but not the others?


I attached one that shows it working correctly and one that shows the problem.


My work-around will be to draw the polyline solid with transparent fill directly on the elevation in Layout as that will get me the look I need, though I obviously still need to have the polylines drawn over the elevations in the plan to calculate the area. 

2020 09 14 Layout Fill not transparent 01.JPG

2020 09 14 Layout Fill is transparent 01.JPG

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