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Hi Ladies and Gents, I see you are doing the same thing as the rest of us on a Friday night.  :-) 


Short story; I need to quote a apartment building design, just the architectural parts (floor plan, elevations, electrical, etc.. ), nothing structural.  The engineer who is requesting the quote will do that part from my plans.  I typically quote by the sq. ft. for a single family home.  This apartment will consist of 2 floors, 4 units per floor, all the same exact layout, just mirrored.  Each unit will be about 1000 sq. ft. x 4 units + breezeway and stairs, equals about 4200 total per floor.


Question number one:  How would you quote this, its not really a 8400 sq. ft home, but its not 1000 or 4200 either. 


Question number two:  Is there a Chief way to create a new floor and it all copies up (copies everything, fixtures, dims, doors, windows, etc.)?  Building New Floor by deriving from floor below does just exterior walls.  Or is this a copy/paste scenario?         


Thanks in advance


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