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Are there good videos I can watch to learn how to send the 3 d views to layout is they print accurately? I send to clients all the time by sending to layout -pdf  and then email.  When I print it becomes distorted mess. When I send to layout Current screen as image then crop to fit. I called tech support they suggested send it as current screen which was not good either. I see great prints by other users.  I watched some video but it showed how to create 3 d views but not how to print. Thanks In advance Adam 

I am using chief 12

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This is a screen-grab off of a pdf showing a rendering included in a bath remodel plan. This image was sent to layout using "Current Screen as Image". Then it's been resized to approx 3"x 5" in layout. No editing, no cropping.

Printed at 300 dpi. This method helps keep the file size down and provides (what I think) is a satisfactory image quality, both on screen and printed.

For better quality, you can export the image to around 3000 pixels wide, and print your pdf at 600 dpi. However, its my experience that this will result in a very large file size.



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