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Is there a way to do a cedar lintel above your windows? I am not having any luck. I am going to attach a picture of a house to show what I am trying to achieve. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am still fairly new to Chief and I am trying to learn as much as I can. 

Board and Batton Exterior.jpg

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Thank you robdyck. I was able to change that but how can I get the same color/material as your for it. I can type in the dimensions like your but when I try to change that to anything other than white it changes around my entire window. 

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3 minutes ago, Hunter51 said:

I found it! I appreciate your help. 


It's always helpful for others who may read this to say how you solved the problem :)


And remember, the Chief website is searchable and filled with how to articles and videos.

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27 minutes ago, Hunter51 said:

I found it! I appreciate your help. 

Great! As you've no doubt figured out, in order to spec. different trim materials, you need to specify an actual molding for the casing, lintel, & sill (as needed).

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