How to quickly show different options for the same room?

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Is there a way to have the different configurations of doors and windows in the same wall, perhaps on different layers or plan views, so that I can quickly swap between two different plan AND 3D views?


I am building a space that I want to be flexible for the future, without having to make any structural changes:  either open space as part of a "separate" in-law unit, or possibly 2 bedrooms incorporated into the house above.

Open space has 2 windows, then door, then 2 more windows.

2 bedrooms have 1 window, then door, then wall, then door, then window UNDER the same headers.

Untitled 3.jpg

Untitled 6.jpg

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No. 3D objects can't exist in the same space, even if on a different layer. Use SAVE AS method to make multiple options, and put them on the same layout.

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