Workaround for issue using 3DConnexion mouse in multiple versions of Chief


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If you use a 3DConnexion mouse in multiple versions of Chief Architect and notice it loses any custom settings/speeds when running one version then another (on Windows at least) then read on.


Background (for the interested, otherwise jump to the workaround)

Technically this is a bug / limitation in the way Chief registers/configures itself with the 3DConnexion software but given how few people this probably affects I've not reported it as its less important than others and importantly there is a workaround.


The root cause is due to the way Chief lets the 3DConnexion driver store its settings and identifies itself with the same ID   string "ChiefArchitect" for every major release.  Applications have the option to create their own 3DConnexion settings file but Chief relies on the 3DConnexion software to do this for it.  This means the 3DConnexion software creates a settings file for Chief based on the ID Chief provides when registering for 3D mouse events.


The result is multiple versions of Chief sharing a single settings file.  Although this sounds like a good approach the 3DConnexion software also stores the executable name and ensures this matches before using the settings due to another default setting.


An example of the top part of the  'ChiefArchitect.xml' file which is stored in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg folder:



This file was created after using X11 and adjusting the 3D mouse settings.  If another version of Chief is then used the 3DConnextion software finds the settings file that matches the name Chief provides 'ChiefArchitect' but as the exe name doesn't match it ignores the settings and uses the defaults again.  If the mouse settings are updated again the 3DConnextion software over writes the old file with a new one with the applicable Chief exe name and the problem keeps repeating.


From a browse of the 3DConnexion SDK there are various ways to configure the 3D mouse, but to work around the issue and share the same settings across versions (which is my preference) all that needs to be done is to add all applicable Chief exe names in "ExecutableName" elements as below, in my case just those for X11 and X12 to the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg\ChiefArchitect.xml' file:




After this the 3DConnextion software matches the 'SiOpenAppName' value and exectuable name and all is well :-)


Please note there may also be other files that appears to be specific to each Chief Architect release in this folder as below but these appears to be due to using the 3D mouse before Chief registers itself. After that these files appear to be ignored and only the ChiefArchitect.xml is used.



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