unwanted autogenerated wall sections under roofs


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I'm designing a house to build. I've built a shop and an airplane, but never a house. I have an idea of what I want to build and rough sketched it in SketchUp and am trying to get a similar design in Chief Architect that I'll eventually be able to submit to the county and to build from. I'm new to both SU and CA but have watched several tutorial videos.
I will have a garage with a living space above. Floor slab would be 12" higher than the house main floor and breezeway. Entry porch would be one storey. The breezeway attic directly in front of the house would serve as a walk in closet for the 2nd storey master, leaving a single storey L-shaped connector to the garage and covered deck. Walk out basement would exit at the bottom of the diagram below the deck.
I've run into a problem with the roof over the master bedroom and bath. When I extend the roof over the front wall, the program extended the wall the width of the eave overhang. The same thing happened over the bumped out area for the bay window on the first floor. I deleted those two pieces, though.
What can I do about these 3 little walls in these areas?
Any other advice about other areas would be helpful.
Windows 10, X12

TFE front quarter.jpg

TFE rear quarter.jpg

TFE from itch4.plan

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The walls will continue upward until they hit a ceiling or roof.  You need to build roof/ceiling over the walls in the foreground.
Note that you have interior wall showing as your exterior wall (white walls next to deck railing).

Are you using automatic roof function or building manually? Looks like you're building manually.
Why not try having Chief build automatically, then adjust as needed.

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