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I'm a remodeler with K&B business, using Chief.  

I tend to draw good enough plans for getting a permit, then running off to do the other 99 items on my list.

I recently learned how to use SCHEDULES, which can be great.


I'm having trouble with this plan.  It's showing two callouts for every cabinet, with phantom fillers I can't see.

I'm going back and forth from the drawing to the Schedule.  I wish I could double click on the Schedule and it would open the DBX for that cabinet.

There's also a bunch of repeats, where the callout shows two C30, but there's only one cabinet there.


C04 is also confusing.  It says this base cabinet is 5-3/4" tall, but I don't see it.   If I delete cab C26, the C04 also disappears.

It's like each cabinet is being counted twice or ??


I wonder if I have a corrupted file?


Any help would be appreciated!  I'm trying to price out this remodel for friday.





cab sched.png

floor plan.png

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Ok, I figured it out after half an hour of teeth gnashing.

Apparently, it's possible to have two Cabinet Schedules open at the same time.  You can simply copy & paste one.

As soon as you do, CA adds second labels to the plan view and elevations.  Arrgh!


Hope this helps someone else!

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Two or more callouts almost always means that you have multiple schedules in your plan that each have an entry for the same object.


Since schedules can live in plan views, elevation views, or cad details, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find them.  A tool that can help with this is the Project Browser that will list all of the schedules you have.  If you right click on one, you can use the Find in Project tool to locate where the schedule is or even to just delete it.


Another tool that you may find helpful is that if you select a particular row in a schedule, you can use the Find Object in Plan tool to locate where those particular objects are in your plan.  You should be able to click on the row for the 5 3/4" tall cabinet and quickly locate it in your plan using this tool.

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