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Need to set default pricing for product/materials to use as default template. This way generating my materials list will be quicker.  I do not want to enter vendor specific pricing.  I want to enter labor pricing for specific materials.  I want this to default to my setting per item/sf/etc. each time i choose that template to start a plan. 


I hope this question makes sense.  Please help.

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It would certainly be very helpful if you would update your signature to provide the software version you're currently using, and a little computer info (especially if you might become a regular poster on the forum.  Here's a link that will help you.


Check these helps out if you haven't already.

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      I'm trying to get a materials list going for decks, but the deck plank materials aren't being factored into Calculate Materials in Area/Room.
      It does work when I Calculate Materials for All Floors or select the planks individually and use Calculate Materials from Selection. I also recently discovered that it works if I calculate in area from a floor above where the planks are, even when nothing is visible on that floor of the plan.
      How can I remedy this? 
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      I just need the number of planks that have been collapsed in a row, not the total square feet. I feel like there's probably an easy way to do this, but I don't know what it is.
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      I'm working on a huge plan right now, and it's starting to run really sluggishly so I decided to take some time out to troubleshoot and clean up the file a bit. I've done a few suggested things (purge unused materials and CAD symbols, for example), and moved on to my layers. When I started the file, I imported all individual layers of the CAD file so I could work on the plan bit by bit, but it also resulted in a lot of unnecessary data being added to the scene. I'm trying to go through and delete all the layers I don't need or have finished with, but most of them won't let me. Some will claim there's still something on them despite nothing showing up when I hit Control+A, and others will switch to "Used in defaults," after I deleted everything on them. But I don't know what that means, and I can't figure out where in the defaults they're being used so I can turn it off.
      The layers that claim they aren't empty when they should be are bugging me, too. Control+A, zooming out and dragging a box over the scene never select anything for me to delete, but they still say "in use." I may be able to provide a back-up if necessary, though I'm not sure my company will allow it and, again, it's a very large plan. Can anyone help?
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      Is it possible to change the Wall Board (Drywall) size from the default size of 4x8 to 4x12 when CA calculates the materials list?
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      Going to have a web meeting (free, using July 11th at 2 pm Eastern Time ends at 4 pm Eastern, limit 25 attendees. Will be recorded (if I don’t muck that up).
      If interested get in touch -   markmc   at
      Please include:
      what you do (KD, dealer, builder, etc) anything in particular you are interested in (no promises but I’ll see if I can make adjustments) how long you’ve used Chief, current version and what you used before if anything.  
      This is open to all but keep in mind it’s meant for kitchen designers and others who need to create a cabinet order or develop pricing working in Chief Architect (call it a 2020 refugee camp
      In general- creating a schedule with all the information needed generate an order in a spreadsheet template of using an online ordering system. It’s based on part of the system I’ve used with Chief for the last few years as a kitchen designer/dealer updated for X10 (70% of it will work in X9-time to upgrade) The general idea at this point it:
      Basic cabinet configuration
      Using the OIP for mods and accessories
      Defaults-basic face configuration, OIP for defaults, few quirks &  gotchas in the default settings
      More cabinet configurations, saving to library,
      library management for brands and projects and defaults
      Quick design sample
      using hotkeys and replace from library
      Adjusting the modifications per item
      Getting non-cabinet items into the schedule -moldings, millwork, corbels, etc.
      Schedule and Export
      Schedule set up, multiple schedules
      Checking the schedule against intent
      Exporting the schedule, adjusting the spreadsheet
      tricks to speed pricing, using pdf catalog for lookup, in a spreadsheet template, checking (brief)
      Using  an online system (the only online order system I currently have access to is a complete custom brand I’m going to use a portion of a recording I made in the past for this but may reach out to someone  to work in that part)
      Q & A
      IF time allows I can touch on creating detail drawing for the manufacturer, checking the details against the print.
      Current attendees not all are forum regulars- CharlesVolz, Cheryl_C_Crane, scottharris, Susan Durling, Andrew, GerryT, Paul Machado (maybe on vacation), Robert Zebrowski, a few folks from QCCI (on a single feed), Tim_Houston, Johnny