Edit Many Symbols at Once? SQLite BLOB? Anybody?


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I'd like to pick your brains on bulk symbol editing... I need to adjust the Y position (among other things) of 160+ symbols I made, and my mouse hand still hurts from editing the description for EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY.


I have exported the symbols and opened the .CALIB file in an SQLite browser, but the data for each symbol is some sort of binary. I don't even know what kind of binary it is. I have tried everything I could to convert it / figure it out. I am fully aware it may be proprietary, but does anyone know a little something about it?


If I knew what kind of data it was, I could probably put together some SQLite code to modify just the values I need.


Wouldn't it be great if Chief had a dedicated symbol editor? Wow, I wonder if someone could write one....


Thanks for reading all this, hope to hear your thoughts!

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30 minutes ago, brinkbart said:

I'd like to pick your brains on bulk symbol editing

Why not write from a screen recording macro? Jitbits MacroRecorder can even work on a scripting basis and increase the speed of the output substantially. Just group the symbols needed into one folder and let the macro run on that folder...you would only be hindered by the time to adjust your most complex symbol, then set timing parameters based on that symbol and let it work through your folder. I'm guessing 10 minutes of scripting and 20-30 minutes of letting it run

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