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I have searched in the forum unsuccessfully for insight and could use advice on two questions, both concerning dormers walls and ceilings. My high shed gable walls in the back of the house above the shed roof have missing walls and do not layover on the main roof as I intended. The front dormers need lowered flat ceilings, they match the roof peak (not flat and too high).


The house is a 1 1/2 story cape cod style with the dormers placed on the ff and as a result chief automatically created walls on the sf. Please suggest what views or plans I could include as I do not post often and are unsure of content needed for reply.


Using X11 and windows10. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks, Lou F.



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Lou you said you don't post often, but it would be great if you updated your signature (for the future if you do post) as Eric suggested and if you include your hardware info that would also be of help to the guys who take their time to help us solve our issues.  This link will help you do that.

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