Split entry with stair rake wall

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I want to start by thanking all those out there who have been helping others sorts out their issues, the community here is awesome.


I am modelling my current house so I can visualize future renovations.  My issue is getting railings to line up at the top of my split entry staircase.  I have tried all manner or moving wall ends and defining rooms to no avail.


My object is to have a newel at the top and bottom of the stairs, rail to post style.  I then want the railing at the top landing to run in to the same newel the same way.


Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong ?  Screen grabs and plan attached.


Using X11 on Windows 7


split entry railing top closeup.jpg

split entry railing top of stairs.jpg

split entry railing bottom closeup.jpg


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So I decided to manually create the styir rails balluster by balluster, newel by newel to get the look I wanted.  My only issue now is being able to put a railing on top of my ballusters.  I cannot seem to get the hang of poly solids in this case.  I have read the posts about creating in elevation view but I could not get it to work at all.


Any thoughts ?


Revised plan attached.  CA 11, Windows 7


Creekman model revised.plan

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Absolutely brilliant Eric, worked perfectly !


Thank you so much for the solution.


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