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I have used Chief for over 20 years in a design build environment

 and was a Beta tester for the last 6 versions ..

Some of the things I can teach you are: 

   • How to create a full set of construction plans, 3D renderings, and an accurate, detailed building materials list ( with labor & material pricing ) …. in a matter of hours; not days .. ! 

   • How to take up to 25% off your construction plan time with just one simple process, that done once, saves time on every job thereafter ….

   • Learn how to use Chief as both a design & estimating solution and save significant time, money and resources … !   See sample below:


 • Creating stunning 3D was one of the reasons many people purchased Chief;

   let me show you how to do 3D renderings that look like the samples below:



Also:   Roofs, terrain, etc..

   The difference between my training sessions and others is that I will teach you to significantly increase your productivity by learning to automate  ..

        It’s a fact:    Increased productivity = increased income ..

  Let me show you how to start using Chief to its fullest power and potential and you can even learn while you earn by training on your own specific projects that you may be struggling to finish …. !  

    Contact:   Bob Shofner    305-922-2919


  After my training you will be able to do construction plan sets that look like these

… and renderings and animations that look like the one below;


    Kind words from others:

           “ Bob has helped turn our business around, Thanks to his automation training we now use Chief Architect to do both our design and cost estimating. Projects are getting built quicker and I now have more quality time to spend with family and friends … “

                                                 W H     Jacksonville, FL


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