Seeking advise on PBR renderings?


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Hi All, 

I am hoping someone can help me out and just take a look at this and see if there is any room for improvement or ideas. I created this model in Home Designer Pro 2020 and I am having an issue with getting the PBR rendering to look more realistic. I have reached out to a few users on here and also a few mentors that I have in the Facebook group. I am really struggling with this, at this point, I can't afford the CA X-11 upgrade which several people have told me is one part of the issue, the other being I am just not adjusting things correctly (lighting & materials). I know HD PRO is limited, I know that from the start BUT I know that what I am getting can be a bit better. I am at the point where I am wanting to further my designs and work on designing as a side gig, eventually maybe more. Everyone keeps telling me that one or two jobs will pay for the upgrade but, right now financially to put that much money out without a guarantee of ROI, I just can't do it. 

I have never been good at Photoshop and there isn't much of a tutorial with regards to relating it to a project done in HD PRO or X-11, at least that I have found.

I am wanting the render to look more on par with the image that I was able to do in Sketchup using Podium. But that is not a viable option at times because the only output HD Pro has is .dae and there is some form of an issue with the file size that can be imported, anything over 20-25 MB seems to "import failed". I was able to import this project and got the results that I posted in a reply to this thread, since there is only 25 MB worth of attachments I can put on this initial post. I thought I had a work around with renders but the file size fails that option. So I need to somehow work with what I have an improve upon it. 

I have attached the file if anyone has a few minutes to look it over. It would be greatly appreciated. I would really love to stick with HD Pro and can't afford the steep curve in price for X-11.


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The first image is the best HD PRO 2020 PBR render I could get. 

The second image is the Sketchup render done with Podium. 

There is a difference as I went back in and changed the cabinet faces on the right wall. 

Also I know in the podium render the under cabinet lights aren't on, I just was doing a test.


Lighting Test.jpg

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22 minutes ago, TheKitchenAbode said:

I made a few changes to the sun, added a few area lights around the kitchen and changed a few material properties. All of these changes I made should be possible in HD PRO 2020.



Wow! That's a HUGE difference!! Can you do a quick write up on it (how to) of sorts? Like what you did sun wise, what material changes and area lights?

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I just tried to get the settings exactly as you have them and I come out for some reason drastically different. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there anyway at some point this weekend could we Skype or do like a Team Viewer for some teaching help? Or maybe video clip? I set my sun exactly like yours and I got this. 


Edit: just had a thought, if you could save that file after you adjust it and send it back to me, if it would open up like that or if it would change some of the numbers maybe? Just a thought.

Test 1.0.PNG

Test 2.0.jpg

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You need to turn off all of your other lights, I only have the sun and the 6 area lights on in the scene. Turn all lights off and set the sun first, what's happening in your plan is that the other lights you have on are overwhelming the sun as their intensities are too high in respect to my suns 45 lux setting. First get the sun correct and then start working on your other lights. One other thing to remember, any material that is emissive also acts as a light contributor, they should all be set to zero until the sun and other lights have been set, you can then tweak the emissive materials so they look correct under those lighting conditions.

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