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What settings do I use to draw centers of drilled holes circles to polyline or steel plate edges?


Are you trying to display the center point or create a dimension to it?  You can turn on the display of arc centers in the CAD detail using View>Arc Centers and Ends.  You can also draw a Point Marker located at the center point which would give more control over the display.  As Eric has pointed out, you should be able to dimension to the center of a circle or arc.  If you are displaying arc centers, this is much easier.  If you are not, then the program will probably not pick up the center by default and you will have to drag the end of the dimension to the center point.



I'm tying to send plan and can't figure that out either?


Send it to another user or post it here on the forum?  To send the plan to another user, I would recommend that you use the Backup Entire Plan tool.  If you are trying to post it on this forum, I would recommend that you remove unnecessary data from the plan first and then put it into a zip folder to take up less space.


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