Strange behaviour for Invisible walls


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I have submitted this to tech support but thought the rest of you may be interested in this situation.  


When turning a wall invisible, only the portion of the wall above the default floor elevation becomes invisible.  Any portion of the wall below the default floor level remains visible.  It would seem that this is not how previous versions behaved, as illustrated in a training video for version X9


here is what it looks like in ver X9 2057964228_InvisibleWallProblem1.thumb.jpg.31e784692890dc14c0865a309e83ba68.jpg




Here are the results that I have observed in X11 2013744025_InvisibleWallProblem2.thumb.jpg.c47fc697e2671abda2e89530ef8e2ad5.jpg


For those of you that are interested in the project file, I have included it as submitted to tech support.  




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