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Is there a way to import Revit/AutoCAD Templates/Layer Sets?

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Hi there!  I have been searching for a bit, and attempted a few things to no avail.  Anyone have a step by step tutorial (or is it just not possible?) on how to at the very least import an existing title block from Revit or CAD to Chief?  I am far from proficient in Chief at this point and wondering if it's possible.   We want to make sure the title block matches our Revit sheets case we have to draw something in one program vs. another in the same CD set.


I tried exporting to .dwf from Revit and importing into the layout page, however it doesn't allow me to import that file type into the main layout page.


Also, am I blind? I can't figure out where to put my I just typed info below.



Rafter P Construction

Cheif ArchitectX10

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You can import DWG or DXF into Chief, so export from Revit using one of those two formats:


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If you want to import a full layerset, you'll need to create a Revit drawing with at least one entity (can just be a simple line) on each Revit layer. Then import into Chief using the Import Drawing Assistant (File>Import>Import Drawing (DWG, DXF...). As you go through the steps, check all the layers you want imported:



...and map the layers to Chief Architect layers by name:



Then delete all the useless geometry that was imported, and you're left with the layers as they were set up in Revit. Be aware that line weights, line styles, etc. may need adjustment within Chief. You can also massage some of the export settings within the Revit export setup:



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      Hi everyone! I'm new to ChiefTalk, and just joined because I want to put my foot in the door to possibly move away from Revit to CA in the future. I'd like those that have (or have had) expert level experience with Revit to compare using Revit to Chief Architect for mainly residential projects.
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